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Welcome to Level Red Boxing where you, yes you, can own your own successful fitness business! Right now you could be smack dab in the middle of an exciting and unmatched fitness system. As a Level Red club owner expect to be ahead of the curve and recognized for delivering the best options for members in your community.

We're a team. Along the way, get support from club pros who have been through the thick and thin. We understand what you want out of your company so the support never stops. We want exactly what you want and we're here for you.

Join our movement that is picking up speed fast. Boxing inspired group fitness is a strong trend in our multi-billion dollar a year fitness industry. Level Red Boxing has taken a strong foothold in the industry by offering motivating levels of achievement, equipment varieties and technology assisted programing. We're excited for you to be part of it all. level red boxing glove

Level Red Boxing... What's the Hook?

Level Red Boxing is more than a workout.

Many people are looking for solutions for weight loss, body toning, core strength and stamina. These are big goals, many of which that they just can't achieve on their own. 30, 60 and 90 minute boxing inspired fitness classes offer your potential customers exactly what they're searching for. Blends of kettlebell, medicine ball, cardio, core and boxing circuits captivate greater varieties of users.

We take it a step further.

This is not the type of place like most others who enroll members and hope they'll keep coming back. We get involved in each members fitness journey. Our "Level Red" system rewards members at every 100 class landmark with free gloves (green at joining, yellow at class 100, Red at 200)! We encourage members to hit level red within 1 year. Staff is required to motivate and track member usage. This in turn helps members feel valued and noticed.

We've done all the hard work

We've applied synergistic workout systems using heart rate monitoring, round timers, and virtual instruction. Workouts are created and approved ahead of time and prevent deviation by instructors. These systems establish consistency and quality control. They also allow instructors to spend more time motivating and teaching proper technique. Your members will experience new and exciting workouts offered nowhere else by certified instructors who really care.

Heavy Bags
Kettle Bells
Core Strength
Time Intervals
Heartrate Monitoring

Why the Level Red Model?

Small Footprint

Minimal Staff

Fast Startup

Low Startup and Operating Costs
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A club is typically 2500 square feet


With Level Red Boxing it's as easy as 1,2,3 to build a successful business. Our tried and true marketing, service, and customer retention methods will help you stand apart from any competitor. We've thought of and planned for everything you'll need from beginning to end.



You're going to have a lot to brag about! We understand our customers and since you're new to things, we're here to help you get started. Our marketing team will be by your side every step of the way. Our creative geniuses develop daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal marketing programs tailor made just for your area and audience.

Get the full package:

TV & Web Ads

Social Media Graphics

Tutorial Videos


Direct Home Mail

Door Hangers

In-Club Promotions


Email Marketing Topics

Automatic Email and Text Drip Campaigns



Level Red Boxing was formed with member and employee motivation in mind. We've successfully created a systematic method for keeping members focused on achievement and employees equally focused on those members. We could go on and on about how awesome our instructors and workouts are, but our real success has been creating unmatched customer support and community


Here's a scary reality, the majority of general athletic club members do not even use the membership! It's not fun wondering how much longer a member will stay a member. How would you feel if you had 5,000 customers and only 500 were actively using your product? What are they saying about you? It's a slippery slope. The majority of our members use the membership and look forward to each class. Members who are getting the most out of their memberships, rarely discontinue. You have an opportunity to own a product that people can't wait to use and keep coming back for.

Initial Benefits

Comprehensive Initial Training

Every franchise owner receives Level franchise hands-on, start-up training. There, your training will cover every aspect of the Level Red franchising system. Our expert management will show you how to effectively market your business, coordinate scheduling, manage the administrative and financial aspects of your business, and oversee your staff. You will also learn everything there is to know about our classes, products, and services, including ordering, setup, and installation of your equipment to further solidify the training experience. Level Red Boxing founder Matt Pribonic, as well as other key employees who actively work in the system we have created, will train your management team.

Complete Documentation Suite

As a franchise owner, you will receive the most comprehensive, plain-spoken and easy-to-understand documentation in the industry. Each piece of documentation works in tandem with one another to provide a comprehensive, sequential explanation of the steps involved in owning and operating a Level Red franchise.

Jumpstart Program

Level Red franchise owners get off to a fast start. Jumpstart is a pre-training program that holds your hand through every detail as you start your new business endeavor. From mundane tasks such as applying for a local business license and obtaining your Federal Tax ID Number to more expansive assignments such as initial employee hiring and the development of your grand opening target marketing campaign, Jumpstart ensures that you maximize your time before training. But, most importantly, it helps ensure that once you return from training, you'll be ready to launch your new business!

Grand Opening Assistance

Level Red Boxing has developed a comprehensive marketing system to launch each location as effectively and rapidly as possible. You will leverage strategic partners, vendors, local media, print, web, and grassroots marketing to make an instant impact, drawing as many new customers as possible during your Grand Opening weekend.

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