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Super Food

Pumpkin Balls

The first cool breeze has blown and the first couple leaves on the trees have turned orange. You know what that means... Read More » Previous articles:

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  • Motivation

    Motor Skills

    As we age, we tend to slow down- both cognitively and physically. Some reasons for that is due to lack of exercise and lack of mental stimulation.... Read More » Previous articles:

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  • Health


    Do you find yourself cramping up like crazy? Perhaps you’re not keeping yourself hydrated enough? Or maybe you don’t have enough salt in your diet? Yes, there is such thing as... Read More » Previous articles:

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  • Super Move

    Kettlebell Lunges

    Looking to give yourself more of an edge in the boxing ring? Try turning a classic move into a super move with the use of kettlebells as added weights! By using... Read More » Previous articles:

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