Super Food

Bangin' Black Bean Burger

Spice up your dinner tonight with a Bang'in Back Bean Burger! Black bean patties are a healthy substitute for ground beef and provide plenty of protein and nutrients for a post workout meal. Black beans also have high levels of flavonoids, which have antioxidant abilities, particularly... Read More » asdf

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  • Motivation

    Age Is Just a Number

    Who says you're too old to take up a new skill? Level Red Boxing proves that age is just a number and that you're strong at any level! Our dedicated team provides detailed and personalized coaching to allow you to reach your fitness goals. Not only do we provide the workout plans, we also... Read More » asdf

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  • Health


    Feeling groggy and unmotivated to hit the gym? Not in the mood for that extra cup of coffee? Maybe Pre-Workout is right for you. Pre-Workout Supplements and powders have increasingly become more popular over the years and have provided the busy lifestyle athletes with the energy and... Read More » asdf

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  • Super Move

    Master the Burpee

    Burpees are an aerobic exercise that combine push-ups and squat jumps into one physically demanding activity. Benefits including increased endurance, weight loss, muscle strength and stability. Performing multiple reps of this move works the muscles in your legs, glutes, arms, abs, and back- making this... Read More » asdf

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